Zebralight SC52F L2 AA Floody Flashlight Cool White

Zebralight SC52 reviewEditor rating
+ 9/10 great!
+ Genuine EDC
+ Winter, water and impact resistant
+ Great runtime on second high
+ Can be used as a makeshift headlamp
+ Very good anti-roll function

– High mode configuration too fiddly


The Zebralight SC52 is powered by a single AA battery or its rechargeable equivalent. You cannot use a 18650 lithium battery with this best tactical flashlight.

  • Length: 7.82cm (3.08inches)
  • Width: 2.36cm (0.93inches)
  • Weight (with battery and headband): 84.9g (2.99oz)
  • Weight (without the above): 40g (1.4oz)

The light also has the following features:

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