Tips to make your Diet more effective

Any diet can be effective in helping you lose weight, gain muscle mass, or achieve another health-related goal. At it’s most basic format, it all comes down to calories in versus calories out, which I discuss in detail here.

Tips to make your Diet more effective

Beyond the basic diet

Beyond the basics, there are some tips and tricks which can make help make any diet more effective. These general rules help to make your diet easier to stick with and avoid common mistakes which prevent weight loss, even if you’re taking in less calories than you’re expending.

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How to Slow Down: 5 Relaxing Tips to fight stress

You know that too much stress is bad for you, but do you know how to slow down? Somehow slowing down seems to scare of people. What about you?

  • Are you always in some sort of hurry?
  • Are you stressing out to meet your deadline(s)?

Do you think that a “running the marathon” life style will make you more productive and help you accomplish things better? I know I used to think like that! And it was a waste of time!


Living in a fast way does NOT help you achieve what you really want! If your pace of life looks like a car on the racing circuit, perhaps it’s a good idea to slow down!

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Forget about diets {they don’t work :)} and start living a healthy life style!

Are you overweight? Then please forget about diets. Unless you don’t want to lose some extra pounds of course. Lots of people want to be fit and slim! And like many of those people they tried each and every diet with poor result…

Forget about diets and start living a healthy life style!

Are you one of them? Then maybe I have good news for you.

In case you didn’t know yet: Diets don’t work! It’s as simple as that! Diets are a struggle, it is suffering. You start with the best intentions. In the beginning you might even have some succes. But soon you’re confronted with the hardest part: not to gain weight after losing it. That is the biggest challenge people face when they are on a diet. Reason? You can’t stay on a diet for the rest of your life. Unless you make permanent life style changes the results you worked so hard for won’t last forever!

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How to make fast healthy meals

Too busy to eat healthy? You won’t be after you learn this awesome time and money saving kitchen cooking tip! By using this one strategy, I’m able to eat healthier while spending LESS time and money than I would spend eating out at a fast food place. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a good cook to use this simple approach. It’s virtually idiot-proof.

heathy food

So, what’s the secret to fast healthy meals? It takes doing the exact OPPOSITE of what you might think. You’re going to use a slow-cooker for fast meals.

How does this work? Keep reading to find out.

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