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The Inspire Conference is powered By Launch48 LTD, an organisation that has been very actively involved with the European entrepreneurial community for the past two years. During this time we noticed the benefits that an inspirational environment could bring to individuals as we discovered that creativity and brilliant ideas are often contagious.

We therefore decided to organise The Inspire Conference so we could create the right environment for people that are genuinely interested in being intellectually stimulated, being creative and constantly learning.

The event will include amazing talks, held in a theatrical environment, supported by networking spaces and evening parties.

Adil Mohammed

Adil has been involved with the web for the last 12 years in a variety of roles. The very first company Adil started was EnTrip where the user creates & plans a trip with friends, publishes a travel blog and through the site, shares their travel experiences. Adil then started up a digital agency called Innozon. Adil also created an independent production company, Cinema 54 which facilitates production of independent digital feature and short length films. His latest feature film which he co-wrote and produced is called Dvandva -

Adil continues to be a champion of the start-up business and co-founded Launch48 with Ian Broom.

Ian Broom

Ian has always been enthusiastic about starting new things. In 2007 he relocated to London from Melbourne, Australia with a goal of expanding his own web design company Weboo, which he started in 2005. Weboo helps startups, not-for-profit, and corporate clients to make the most from the internet. During his time in London he co-founded Launch48 with Adil and he is passionate about the opportunities London can offer startups.


Diana Proca

Diana has been channeling her enthusiasm and skills into designing and organising events since 2005 while working for Procter & Gamble. During that time, she organised international multi-day events for hundreds of people.

She briefly changed pace & sharpened her planning skills while part of the Corporate Governance team of a large multinational bank. The exciting banking environment led her to further pursuing her passion and so she attended an MA in Conference and Events Management at the University of Westminster.

Apart from helping organise events for Launch48, Diana has been involved in various projects related to the startup scene in Romania, her home country. She enjoys the fast, energising, sometimes geeky technology startup world as she always finds something new and exciting to learn.

Esha Chhabra

Esha is a recent graduate of the London School of Economics, holding a Master's in Global Politics and earlier, got her BA from Georgetown University. She served as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar for 2009-2010 while studying at the LSE.

Esha has been deeply involved in a number of social initiatives including the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in India and CampusKiva which transported onto American college campuses through a vast student network. She's interested in how technology can be used to help the base-of-the-pyramid, primarily looking at the power of mobile phones in the developing world. Esha's also written about her travels and involvement in the polio campaign for publications such as the LA Times; in 2010, she held a photo exhibition that cataloged the polio immunization process at Citigroup in Canary Wharf, London.

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