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Alexander Ljung - SoundCloud
Un-Muting the Web
Nick Halstead - MediaSift, TweetMeme
Big Data, Big Business
What is 'Big Data'? it is one of the hottest trends right now but like all trends it is often over used and mis-understood, Nick will delve into what constitutes 'big data' - why you should care, how people are using it and what technologies are involved.
Conrad Wolfram - Wolfram Research
Computation comes of age
Computation has been critical to innovation in modern times. But its use has been limited to a small, specialist group. Emerging automation enables everyone to use high-powered computation in a wide variety of ways...What does this change? How will affect the value-chain of knowledge? Who can benefit and how? How do we need to change what we learn to use this?
Seb Bishop - (RED), Steve Moore - Big Society Network, Shakil Khan - Spotify, Martin Kelly - IBM
Panel: The Next Generation of Change in Society
Chaired by David Rowan - Editor, WIRED UK
Simone Brummelhuis
Skill Swap Game
Iris Lapinski - CDI Europe
A new generation of problem-solvers - one app at a time
How can you use leading-edge technology to help young people to become problem-solvers improving their local communities? Apps for Good is a programme that does exactly that and is currently spreading fast in dozens of UK schools. We will talk about our thinking behind it to change learning about technology and give examples of apps designed by students.
Rory Sutherland - Ogilvy
The Overdue Science
The last fifteen years have seen an unprecedented explosion in the media and channels available to marketers - and yet this unimaginable progress has not been matched by corresponding improvements in our understanding of human behaviour or in the models of influence marketers use to generate sales or improve brand experience. The long-overdue ascendancy of behavioural economics is thankfully starting to change all that.........
Stephan Shakespeare - YouGov
How Opinion Works
Public opinion is 'the second superpower', but how is it made, what is its role, and does it predict the future?
Parag Khanna - Best Selling Author
Total Globalization: A Tour of the Next Decade
Discussing the trends that demonstrate the growing connectivity of developing societies in terms of trade and internet penetration, as well as the growing authority or corporations and NGOs, and a new concept of "collective leadership" among,,, and other key stakeholders to bring about a more resilient world.
Peter Vesterbacka - Rovio, Angry Birds
Discussion with the Mighty Eagle
Interviewed by Mike Butcher - Techcrunch
Martin Varsavsky - FON
Why you should not move your company to Silicon Valley
Avid Larizadeh - Boticca
The democratization of the global marketplace
Being global, having access to customers around the world, communicating with people across continents, executing on a global scale are no longer privileges limited to the rich, famous, political elite and large multinationals. They are now considered undisputed rights by the 2 billion people with Internet access. And this is true for the musician in Dubai, the jewelry designer in Estonia, the writer in Singapore and the photographer in Rio. They no longer simply aspire to have their voices heard and talent shared globally, but they have the opportunity to build a global brand, audience and business. This is fundamentally changing the dynamics of the global marketplace for the entire value chain, affecting the taste and expectations of consumers, and slowly causing cultural shifts.
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